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Life is ever changing providing so many experiences. Some of these we embrace. some of them we choose but often the most profound and enhancing are those that are thrust upon us.

Welcome to the Eternal Circle Healing website. I am sure that if you are reading this you are searching for a way to deal with your present circumstances in a positive and effective way. The first step towards a healthier life and/or a need to grow is a desire to do so. Congratulations for taking that step.

I am passionate about the therapies and training I offer as I know from personal experience that they can have a positive effect on a person’s life. I know that whether you are trying these for the first time or expanding your experience once you delve further into them you will wonder why you haven't done so before!

Everything I offer is based on energy healing practices. These work by balancing the ‘life force energies’ that exist in and around all living things (you may have heard this described as ‘Chi’ or ‘Prana’).The aura, energy centres (chakras) and meridians (the focus of Acupuncture therapies) are a little like the M25 for our life force energy - if it isn't flowing in the right direction or if there is a blockage a 'traffic jam' occurs creating mayhem! Think of me as the trained and experienced response team that can clear the system and get things back to normal.

The basis of these is to remove negatives energies and blockages and remind the body that it can heal itself which in turn lead to feelings of harmony and wellbeing often with dramatic and positive effects. The 'traffic jam' is removed and there is free flow of energy again. In effect I am not doing the healing but simply re-awakening your own life force energy to allow natural healing to take place. You will be amazed at how effective this is and if you have an doubts please take a little time to read the Feedback section to see what other 'sceptical' clients have to say. Alternatively if you are interested in training you can read about other peoples experience.

For feedback see Client Feedback and scroll down to the relevant area

I have been selective about what I provide and teach; I know they all work equally well as stand alone treatments (whether you experience them as a client or a 'trainee') but can also be combined for even greater effect. I like to think of this as providing you with a cocktail of treatments that is as individual as you are. Additionally, and just as importantly, they work extremely well alongside other medical or therapeutic treatments to relieve side effects and promote recovery. Children, adolescents, men, women, the elderley and animals all benefit in so many ways. Of course if anything else comes along that I think will enhance these they will be added to my 'tool box' so please do keep connecting with the website for new and exciting developments

What else can I help with? What about those stressful occasions such as weddings, christenings, celebrations or berievement. Do you need to feel relaxed and calmed without having to wait for a holiday or just want to recharge your batteries? Do you have any fears, trauma, pain, guilt, phobias, addictions, tension, anxiety, poor self image or other negative issues that you are struggling to deal with then these too can de dealt with very effectively. Do not be limited by your thinking on what can be treated just believe in the potential for improvement. What about adding some additional treatments to your business to enhance its potential and increase your clientele

So, whether you have a specific illness/complaint, are recovering from surgery, feeling under the weather or just out of sorts it is very likely that your body is trying to rebalance itself and is struggling to do so. Or you may be wondering how to grow your own skills and help as many people as possible. Help is at hand, literally!

I hope that as you browse each area of the website you will find sufficient information about the therapies and training I offer so that you can decide if any these are what you are seeking at this point in time. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information or to book an appointment or even if you have a suggestions on how I can improve my website.

Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times

Please be advised that for the benefit of the individual I will not treat anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or unprescribed drugs.

Sheila Barnes
QTI&P, BCMA Reg, Healer Foundation, RASA